We want to make you aware that due to the popularity of Curl Secret we are seeing an increasing number of fake websites and counterfeit products being sold.

Consumer safety is our primary concern and counterfeit products can be very dangerous.



Please read the below information carefully and if you have any doubts or queries get in touch! Whether you believe that you may have purchased/received a counterfeit product, found a seller on auction/ wholesale sites or have come across a website imitating BaByliss goods, please let us know immediately by e-mailing us at, by telephone on 03705 133191 or by filling in the form below, where we have a dedicated team ready to assist you. Any communications will be kept confidential.

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Important safety notice:

-If you receive a product that has a non UK plug and has been supplied with a separate adaptor, please do not use and contact us immediately.

Warning signs that a website may be fake or selling counterfeit products:

- Different colours such as pink or blue. In the UK our professional, trade version BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl is black (and Red Ltd Ed) and BaByliss Curl Secret is only available in deep purple (and Chameleon effect Ltd Ed).
- Items being shipped from outside of the UK (frequently Asia), as our products are always shipped directly from the UK.
- Websites that have no contact numbers or addresses.
- Websites selling 3 different versions: BaByliss PRO Curl Secret (our consumer version), BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl (Professional/ Trade version) and Miracurl (Our partner US version).
- If the product is advertised as 'dual voltage', this is not a genuine product.
- Too cheap: If the price looks too good to be true, then it probably is! In the UK the professional BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl is around the £160 mark, whilst the consumer BaByliss PRO Curl Secret RRP is £120.

Our approved UK wholesalers and retailers for BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl are:

- Adels
- Alan Howard  
- Aston & Fincher
- Capital Hair & Beauty
- Chris & Sons
- Dennis Williams
- Professional Choice Hair and Beauty Supplies
- Sally Hair & Beauty
- Salon Services
- Salon Success
- Salons Direct
- Ultimate Hair & Beauty

- Leading salons

Our Genuine Products:


Genuine Products



 Please be assured we are doing all we can to have the fakes removed from sale..

In the meantime, if you are in any doubt, please contact us for more information and advice.

Many Thanks,

The BaByliss PRO Team